Introduction to Spanish Immigration Law

07.12.2013 Lawyer Barcelona Spain / Law Firm Barcelona Spain (International Group)

Spain is a country that offers a high level of quality of life due to its climate, food, culture, beaches, natural resources, etc. It has always been one of the countries that annually receives more tourists and immigrants. Since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, the Spanish government advocated measures to facilitate the processing of residence permits for foreigners who want to invest in Spain (Real Estate or Business).

These are the main types of residence in Spain that we can currently handle:


Spanish Residence Permit by investment in a property of 500.000 €

For the foreigners who buy a property for more than 500.000 € can process easily a Spanish residence permit for 2 years.


Spanish Residence Permit without the right to work

For the foreigners who have sufficient funds to live in Spain without having to develop any kind of lucrative activity. This can be shown by buying or renting a property and by having around 100.000 € per person as savings in a Bank Account.


Spanish Residence Permit with the right to work as a businessman

For the foreigners who want to establish a business in Spain and have sufficient funds (not less than 100,000 € in a Spanish bank) to develop it. Once obtained the work permit the businessman must pay monthly Spanish Social Security (approximately 280 €) as well as maintaining the accountancy of the company.


Spanish Residence Permit for students

For the foreigners who want to study for 1 year or more in Spain.


Spanish citizenship

After 10 years of continuous legal residence in Spain residents can apply for Spanish citizenship.


Responsibilities that implies the resident status in Spain

- Spanish residents need to be in the Schengen Area for at least 183 days a year.

- All children of 6-16 years old residing in Spain must enrol in a program of secondary education in Spain.

- Spanish residents can move freely in all Schengen countries without a visa.


Residence permit without the right to work in Andorra

For the foreigners, who are willing to put 400,000 € in a bank in Andorra or buy a real estate property for this amount. Possession of a residence permit in Andorra enables to live and move freely in Spain and France and easily proceed a Schengen Visa.

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