Business Law

BUSINESS LAW Department has a team of professional lawyers offering all kinds of legal services for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners on Civil, Commercial, Tax and Labor Law.
Advising a company to successfully lead today with a complete and comprehensive way of work, so BALCELLS International Lawyers Group helps clients and their businesses to ensure compliance with the law in the daily running of the company.
Some of the most outstanding services of our firm are :
1 .- Creation and constitution of Company
To start a business it should set up a company intended to carry out acts of commerce. Our lawyers plan their constitution in effectively.
2 .- Mergers and acquisitions
Also known as "M&A”, our experts involved in both the merger of two or more independent companies that decide to pool their assets to form a new company as the purchase by a company of shareholders of another company.
3 .- Business Optimizationl
Our firm believes in continuous improvement so our professionals help employers get the maximum benefit of its corporate structure.
4 .- Commercial Contracting
Agreements between companies need legal protection offered by our lawyers to avoid problems in your business.
5 .- Other
Our team offers advice for any situation that arose in the business and may have legal significance. In BALCELLS International Lawyers Group, we believe in an ethical practice, elegant, professional and open to the values and concerns of our society, whose priority is effectiveness. Our lawyers provide their services with the aim of offering the highest levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy. On these bases we maintain a total commitment to the customer and their interests. To this end, all clients receive personal attention.  

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