With over 40 years of professional experience, Balcells Group provides legal advice to individuals, companies, investors, immigration agencies and other intermediary agents.

Our way of working is the result of the integration of several generations of lawyers that offer a balanced vision based on experience and modernity, covering a wide range of specialties in all legal fields and all aspects of professional work.

We speak Spanish, English, Catalan and Russian.

We are ready to help you!

Cristian Balcells

CEO & Managing Director

Marta Lamora

Head of immigration

Gonzalo G. Monclús

Real estate lawyer

José Rodriguez


Carme Llobet


Jaime Nateras

Gerard Martínez

Head of marketing

Beatriz Lategui

Immigration lawyer

Laesa Bokoko

Immigration lawyer

Marina Lozano

Immigration lawyer

Alicia Arrua

Immigration lawyer

Alejandro Pérez

Immigration lawyer

Natasha dilena

Susana Franco

Immigration lawyer

Ana Pereira

Office manager

Alexandra Kostromitina


Natasha dilena

Natasha Dilena

Customer support

Jana Montraveta

Legal advisor

Inés Molina

Immigration lawyer

Marta Casarramona

Legal advisor

Miriam Ribelles

Legal advisor

Núria Mascaró

Legal advisor

Inés Gibernau

Social media manager

Nika Crisostomo

Legal content

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