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    Would you like to start living and working in Spain? With the Highly Qualified Visa, you can do it really easily. This residence permit will allow you to reside and work in a company in Spain for 2 years (you can apply for the renewal afterwards). Who is eligible for the highly qualified professional scheme? If you have a job offer as a highly-skilled worker, or you are a graduate/postgraduate from a university or prestigious business school, you are.

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    Required documents to apply for the Highly Skilled Worker Visa in Spain


    • Job Contract as a skilled staff member
    • Job Description
    • Your CV
    • Copy of your Passport
    • College Degree
    • Legal Documents of the Employer
    • Criminal Records

    How to make sure you are eligible

    There are a few requirements you will need to make sure you meet:

    • You should have completed a masters or Ph. D
    • The company you will be working for should be a large business or corporate group, a Small or Medium Enterprise which operates in a strategic sector for Spain, or the project that the company develops must be aligned with the socio-economic interest of Spain.
    • Your tasks must be regarded as skilled or highly qualified, meaning that you will hold a managerial or tecnical position.
    • You will earn more than 30.000€ per year

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    There are things that I would not recommend doing on your own due to the delays of the public administration, this was my case, and I could not be happier that I hired them. I carried out a procedure with them before foreigners and I highly recommend it !!! They did everything perfect and advised me while waiting. I also find the information on your website super useful, thank you for making it available! Thanks for all greetings!
    Agustina Mocellini

    Incredible staff and professionalism with an unmatched knowledge around the issues most expats face locally. Highly recommended!
    Jared Polites

    With all the confusion on immigration rules post Brexit, Balcells Group will provide you with straight legal answers. Don’t rely on YouTube videos alone, Pay for proper counsel and get the right answer before you move to Spain. It will pay for itself in one call. Thanks Cristian!
    Miles Stumbaugh


    Would you like to have access to a complete guide which everything you should know about this work permit? Here you will find:

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    • A step by step process explaining the legal procedure regarding how to apply 
    • A list with of all the requirements and documents
    • How to bring your family to Spain with the highly skilled visa
    • How to renew it
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