Are you planning to move to Spain for a long period of time? Then you will need your residence permit or residence visa. But there are many kinds of permits. Which one is the most favourable for you? Well, if you are not considering overtaking any kind of economic activity, and you have sufficient funds, the non-lucrative residency will be your best option.



The non-lucrative residency permit allows you to stay in Spain for a period of 1 year (as it is a temporary residency authorization), plus renewal. As it has a non-profit nature, it does not allow you to engage in any professional activity or employment.

Due to its easiness of application, it is one of the permits we recommend you to apply for. Why? The lack of need to invest in the country or to fulfil other requirements makes it something simple to acquire. In order to save even more time in the whole process, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be in charge of everything.

Having sufficient means for a living will be the only thing you should worry about. If you can prove that you have sufficient funds and that your stay in the country won’t induce into any government expenditure, you will be eligible for the permit.


Which are the benefits that this permit offers?


  • It offers you the possibility to settle down in Spain with your Family. You can apply to this residency for yourself and, afterwards, solicit the same residency for your relatives.
  • It’s a temporary residency that lasts 1 year. Then, the first and the second renovation last for 2 years. And at the time of applying for the third one, you can apply for the long-term residency in Spain. In case that you apply for the long-term residency, you should renovate every 5 years.
  • This type of residency appeals the effects to obtain the Spanish nationality for residency.
  • There is no need to invest in Spain in order to get this permit (something that happens with the Golden Visa).
  • It allows you to study and do an internship that can be even paid.
  • It allows you to do economic activities in other countries (but not in Spain).
  • You will be able to enter the Schengen territory without any problem.




What Type of Documentation will yo you need in order to get the non-lucrative residency visa? The requirements for this permit are the following:

  • TASA (FEE Paid) 790 052.
  • Formulary national visa.
  • Formulary Ex 01.
  • Insurance. This insurance needs to be from a Spanish Company and not an international
  • Bank certificate. The bank count must figure the amount of 25,000 euros per year.
  • With this, you can prove you can stay for the period of one year.
  • Photos, 3×4 cm with white background.
  • Original Passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Criminal records
  • NIE number.

¿Do you have any other doubt regarding the non-lucrative residency?


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