Beckham Law

Pay less taxes as an expat!

  • Beneficial tax regime for the first six years of residency 
  • Significantly reduce your income tax rate from 45% to 24%
  • Make your move to Spain financially advantageous

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    What is the Beckham Law?

    Under this law, all non-residents who start working in Spain can be taxed on their income at a flat rate of 24% (up to €600,000). This represents a significant tax saving compared to the usual Spanish rate of 45%.

    Additionally, this law offers benefits in other areas: gains from dividends or the sale of both movable and immovable assets will be taxed at a flat rate of 19%. Furthermore, inheritance tax will be applied as if the applicant were a resident of Spain.

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    Beckham Law Requirements

    To apply for the Beckham Law tax regime, the following documentation is generally required:

    • Employment Contract: A work contract with a Spanish company, with a minimum duration of one year
    • Proof of Work Relocation: Evidence that the primary reason for the applicant’s relocation to Spain is for employment purposes
    • Residency Requirement: Proof that the applicant has not been a resident of Spain in the last five years

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