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    What is a freelance or self-employed visa?

    A freelance visa is the residence authorization that will allow you to live in Spain for one year while you work as a self-employed individual providing services as an independent professional. When taking into consideration the Spanish Immigration Law, the official name given to this residency is the work permit as a self-employed worker (“permiso de trabajo por cuenta propia”), also called “autónomo” in Spanish. 

    Our lawyers will help you obtain your business visa successfully

    Step by step guidance

    Together, we will define the step-by-step process that will allow you to obtain your freelance work permit successfully and easily. We will do that via our consultations (online or at our offices).

    Document preparation + submission

    The boring legal part is on us. We will prepare each document and submit it to the immigration office, making sure everything is properly prepared so your application gets approved 100%

    Business plan preparation

    In order to obtain your work permit, you need a business plan. Our business lawyers will help you create one, making sure it contains all the sections that are legally required.

    We will submit your application online!

    Our team will take care of sending the application or renewal documents for your application completely online, so you can get the residency without having to leave your home.

    Requirements for the freelance visa

    • Qualifications. It is required to submit your CV, which much includes education and past experience related to the business activity you are planning to start working on.
    • Business plan and viability report. You should also demonstrate, through your business plan, that your activity as freelance will generate enough turnover to sustain its activity over time. Any of the corresponding authorities will analyze it, and once they approve it, emit a viability report.
    • Documents. In order to get your self-employed work permit, you will need to provide a copy of your passport, the application form EX-03, criminal records, the business plan, health insurance, and proof of sufficient funds.

    Application process

    As we are talking about a general work permit, it is crucial that you start the application process from your country of origin, and not directly from Spain. After submitting all the documents to the Spanish consulate or embassy, you will get a visa, with which you’ll be allowed to travel to Spain and obtain your actual residence card.

    Once in Spain, the process must go on. Now you will need to establish yourself as a registered worker in the country. For that, you must enroll in two different institutions: the Tax Agency, as you will need to declare your incomes and pay taxes quarterly; and the Social Security, as you will need to pay a monthly contribution. 

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    Incredible staff and professionalism with an unmatched knowledge around the issues most expats face locally. Highly recommended!
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    With all the confusion on immigration rules post Brexit, Balcells Group will provide you with straight legal answers. Don’t rely on YouTube videos alone, Pay for proper counsel and get the right answer before you move to Spain. It will pay for itself in one call. Thanks Cristian!
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    Step by step guide on how to register as a self-employed worker

    Would you like to have access to a complete guide containing all the legal steps required to officially register your freelance activity in the country (crucial to start working as a self-employed? Here you will find:

    • All the documents you should submit and how to fill them out
    • Where exactly should you submit them
    • Processing time
    • Some useful tips and advice that will the process run smoothly
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