Are you planning to come to Spain to study soon? Then, depending on the educational stage you are in, it may be useful for you to know how to homologate the Baccalaureate or high school degree in our country. Because homologating this qualification is a fundamental requirement for those who wish to enter university or pursue higher education.

So, if you want to know how to start this process, don’t miss this article because we’re going to tell you how you can do it: it’s a very simple and easy process, but you should take into account a series of conditions and requirements. 

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How can I homologate the Baccalaureate degree in Spain?


Firstly, it is essential that you have obtained the Baccalaureate degree in your country of origin or the equivalent educational level in Spain. The similarity in the duration of the course, academic level, and content of the subjects is very important for this process.

To make the homologation easier, you can check if there is any agreement between the country where you obtained your Baccalaureate degree and the Spanish educational system. Since the validation and correspondence will vary depending on the country of origin.

Once the agreement has been analyzed and the validity of your degree confirmed, the next step is to submit an application to start the homologation process for your high school degree.

If you are in a Spanish locality, you must go to the Area of High Inspection of Education of the Ministry of Education, corresponding to the province where you reside. 

And if you are outside of Spain, you can carry out the homologation of the high school degree through the educational area of the Spanish Embassy in your country of residence.


Why is it important to apply for homologation?


If you have a high school diploma, it is crucial to homologate it to have the possibility of taking the entrance exams to the university in Spain. In addition, starting this procedure has various benefits, such as preparing for public service exams to aspire to a position as a civil servant.

Therefore, if you plan to move to Spain or are already in the country, it is best to start the homologation process as soon as possible, as it provides numerous advantages and the procedure is not so complicated.


How much does it cost to homologate my degree?


The cost of homologating your high school degree is €49.76. You must pay this amount if you wish to obtain the Baccalaureate or Professional Education degree. However, if you are only homologating the Compulsory Secondary Education degree, you do not have to pay anything. 

In Spain, students are required to study until ESO, which is Compulsory Secondary Education. After that, they can opt to attend the two years of Bachillerato (Baccalaureate). 

However, if one wants to attend university, he or she must complete their Baccalaureate degree. 


How long does the homologation process take?


As for the time it may take for this process, although it is generally simple, it can take between 6 months to a year, although the decision should be reached within a maximum of 3 months.

However, don’t fret. 

Upon submitting the diploma homologation application, you can begin your studies even if the homologation process is still ongoing.

All you need to do is apply for and submit a conditional enrollment form.

Issued by the institution handling your recognition process, this document permits you to enroll in your desired Spanish higher education courses as if the recognition process has already been finalized.


Is it possible to start university if the degree is not homologated?


When a person wants to access a university, admission will be subject to the policy of each destination university, although in the vast majority of Spanish universities, enrollment in the desired university degree will depend on the final resolution of the homologation of the high school diploma.

The university you wish to enter may set a deadline for the submission of the homologation. And if you do not meet that deadline, admission and enrollment could be canceled. So, if you want to have everything in order and start the homologation of your Baccalaureate degree correctly, the best thing you can do is seek the help of professionals in the field.


Necessary Documents


Let’s review the comprehensive list of documents required for the homologation of your baccalaureate title:

  • Certified photocopy of your passport, NIE, or any other valid identification document
  • Certified copy of the official title or diploma obtained in the country of origin, intended for validation/homologation in Spain
  • If necessary, an official copy issued by the educational institution confirming the successful completion of final exams leading to the degree to be homologated
  • Certified photocopy of the syllabus certification, detailing the subjects completed, grades attained, and corresponding academic years
  • Completed application form, downloadable from this link
  • Document confirming payment of the applicable fee, amounting to 49.76€, available for online retrieval here and payable at any bank

All foreign documents require apostille and legalization, excluding those originating from an EU or European Economic Area country.

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