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Are you planning to start living in Spain? Do you want to work, invest or start your business in the Spanish territory? Then you will need to get your residence permit. And we can help you get it FAST. With over 40 years of experience as immigration lawyers in Spain and more than 1800 satisfied clients, we are now determined to help you out. Even if you are a European Union citizen or a NON-EU resident, we can help you with any issue related to immigration to Spain.


  • SPANISH PASSPORT. Are you Iberoamerican, a Sephardic Jew, Portuguese or from the Philipinnes? Then you should be aware of how easy you have it to obtain the Spanish nationality, which will make it really easy for you to live in the country.
  • WORK PERMIT. Do you have a job offer? Then you can start living legally in Spain. Start working in Spain as a Highly Qualified Professional (HQP) or through the Entrepreneur Visa.
  • NIE NUMBER: We can help you get both the temporary and the EU NIE really fast.
  • INVESTOR VISA (GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM), for those willing to invest more than €500.000 in Spanish Real Estate.
  • STUDENT VISA, for those who want to conduct research or study at a Spanish university.
  • NON-LUCRATIVE VISA. Reside in Spain with no economic purpose.

Let us be your immigration solicitors and YOU WILL SAVE TIME. We will manage the whole process for you: all the documents and application forms will be filled out and sent by our specialized lawyer team. You will just need to sign!


Cristian and his team are professionals and very knowledgeable. As a US attorney, I have recommended others to the firm as I have found them to be very efficient and without false promises. I obtained my NIE in one day and they processed my residency in a few months. Highly recommend the firm.

Babak Movahedi

Residence Permit



What is the NIE Number in Spain?

The NIE number is the basic identification number any foreigner needs in Spain. It is the first thing you must get once you enter into the country with your visa before getting your residence permit. No matter what legal procedure you do (buying a property, starting your own company, opening a bank account,…) you will need the NIE. 

In that sense, there are two types of NIE: the resident NIE, for EU citizens and the non-resident one. The non-resident NIE is for both non-EU citizens and for European Union ones who will be in Spain for less than 3 months. 


What is the difference between the NIE and the TIE?

This is a really frequent question among expats who are planning to move to Spain. On the one hand you have the NIE, which is the specific number you are assigned so you can be identified in the country as a foreigner. And then you have the TIE, which is the card that contains the NIE. This means that, whereas the NIE is a number, the TIE is a plastic document. 


How can I get a work permit in Spain?

There are different options in order to get a permit that allows you to work in the country:

  • You can get a work permit provided that you find a job offer that is inside the Spanish shortage occupation list. In that case, it will be your future employer who initiates the legal procedure while you remain in your origin country. 
  • Find a job offer as a highly qualified professional, which means that the position pays more than 40.000€ per year and is as a manager. 
  • Open your own company with the entrepreneur visa, if your project is really innovative and will create employment in the country. 


How can I get the permanent residency?

Once you have lived in Spain with your residence permit during 5 consecutive years, without leaving the country, you will be allowed to get the permanent residency easily. This permit must be renewed every 5 years, and its duration is indefinite. Nevertheless, you must take into consideration that the years lived under the student visa will count have for both the Spanish citizenship and the permanent residency. 


How long do I have to wait in order to get the Spanish citizenship?

If you would like to get the Spanish nationality and have the same rights as any other Spanish citizen, it is required from you to have stayed in the country for 10 years, interruptedly. Nevertheless, there are a few exemptions. If you are from Portugal, Philippines, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea or any country in Latin America, you can easily get the Spanish citizenship after two years in Spain. 


Can I bring my family to Spain with me?

Yes. On the one hand, many permits in Spain like the golden visa or the non-lucrative residency allow you do a joint application, which means that you can get a work and residence permit both for you and your family, just with your application. But, on the other hand, you can also opt for the process called family reunification, in which you can bring your family to Spain provided that you already live in Spain legally. 


How can I become legal if I have been living in Spain for several years without any visa?

If you have been living in Spain illegally for 3 years, you can regularize your situation under the procedure called arraigo social. Furthermore, if you have just been in Spain for 2 years but you worked during the last 6 months, the arraigo laboral will be the right procedure for you. If you need help with this, just send us an email and our specialized immigration lawyers will be glad to help you out. 


Do you have any other doubt? Then let us solve them! Our immigration attorneys will answer all your questions, FAST!




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Based in Barcelona, with over 40 years of professional experience, Balcells Group Lawyers provides expert legal advice and services specialised in the areas of Immigration, Tax, Business and Legal


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Based in Barcelona, with over 40 years of professional experience, Balcells Group Lawyers provides expert legal advice and services specialised in the areas of Immigration, Tax, Business and Legal


Rambla de Catalunya, 124, 1-2
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+34 936 31 51 39


Monday - Thursday | 9:00 – 17:00
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