Would you like to bring your foreign parents to Spain? Then keep reading. In this article you will find all the available options to get a residence permit for your ascendants and bring them with you to Spain. Discover the differences in terms of requirements and application process and find the path that suits you best.


Can I bring my parents to Spain?


Yes, you can bring your parents to Spain if you already have a residence permit in the country. And thanks to that, you can do it quite easily.

There are 4 different options to do it. Four options with different requirements and application procedures, which we have summarized in this article for easy understanding.

Choosing one way or another will depend on two main factors:

  • First, the nationality of the descendant (son or daughter). There are three different cases depending on whether they are Spanish, EU, or non-EU nationals
  • Secondly, the type of card held by the descendant. There are important differences if the child has residence authorization under the Entrepreneur’s Law or not

These factors will define whether you can bring your parents under the EU regime, under the general immigration regime in Spain, or under the Entrepreneurs Law.

This distinction is key, as the requirements regarding the age of the ascendant, whether medical insurance is required (or not), or whether it is necessary to prove financial means are totally different (and in some cases more favorable than in others).

So, let’s look at these 4 options in detail.


Bringing your parents as a foreigner (non-European) to Spain


The first and most common scenario. We are talking about the well-known family reunification process as a foreigner (non-EU citizen) who already lives in Spain and who starts the application to bring his or her father/mother.

Thus, it is the descendant (son or daughter) who in this case initiates the application.

The most important thing to take into account is that in order to complete this procedure successfully, it is required that the son or daughter who brings his or her parents already has a long-term residence card (the one for 5 years).

With a temporary card (1 or 2 years) it is not possible to complete this procedure.

But that is not all, since this type of regrouping demands more exhaustive requirements.

In addition to what we have just mentioned, you must take into account that:

  • As a general rule, the parents must be at least 65 years old in order to be brought to Spain under this regime
  • It will be necessary to prove that they will have adequate and sufficient housing to live under minimum viable conditions
  • These ascendants/parents will have to contract private medical insurance, with full coverage in the Spanish territory
  • It will be essential to demonstrate that they do live in charge and depend on the descendant (foreigner already in Spain); something that is done through remittances to the country of origin (prior to the regrouping process)
  • Finally, the child must demonstrate that she has a stable job or sufficient economic means

Where is it requested? This application is initiated directly from Spain by the descendant.


Bringing your parents as a Spanish citizen


If you are a Spanish citizen and want to bring your foreign parents, you will have it much easier.

Although the general immigration regime would also apply in your case (as in the previous section), after the entry into force of the reform of the immigration law, this procedure works now through the figure of family arraigo.

This, undoubtedly, implies much more simplified and favorable requirements.

The first thing to take into account is that neither economic means nor the need to contract medical insurance on the part of the ascendant will be required.

In addition, in these cases, a residence permit will be granted for 5 years, which also allows your parents to work.

But that is not all.

If the father or mother of the Spaniard is over 65 years of age, it will not be necessary to prove that he or she is a dependent (although if he or she is under 65 years of age it would be required).

Although it is also processed from Spain, the difference with the previous case is that here it will be the interested party (the parent) who will initiate the application, and will do so directly from Spain.

Finally, it is important to take into account that the parents of foreign citizens (neither Spanish nor European) who are spouses or accredited domestic partners of a Spanish citizen will also be able to apply for this family roots.


Bringing your parents as an EU citizen


In third place, we find the case in which it is not a Spanish but an EU citizen who wants to bring her parents to the country

That is to say, she is from any country in the European Union and resides in Spain with her EU registration certificate.

In these cases, the EU regime will be applied, and the ascendant will obtain a well-known EU family member card (for 5 years).

It is the applicant (parent) who will initiate the application directly from Spain.

Here, again, the requirements are a little more complex (compared to the previous case), since:

  • It will be necessary to prove that the parent is a dependent (regardless of his or her age), so it is essential that there is a situation of economic or physical dependency
  • It will be necessary to contract private medical insurance
  • It is also required to demonstrate sufficient economic means on the part of the descendant (EU citizen) who brings her parents


Bringing your parents as a citizen with a card under the Entrepreneurs Law


Finally, we find the case in which the foreigner in Spain is neither Spanish nor an EU citizen, but comes from a country outside the European Union, and holds a residence permit under the Entrepreneurs Law.

We are talking, for example, about the entrepreneur visa or the work permit as a highly qualified worker.

In these cases, the Entrepreneurs Law applies (instead of the EU regime or the general foreigner’s regime), something that entails important differences.

First of all, it is the UGE (Large Business Unit in Spain) who will receive and process the application.

At the level of managing the application:

  • If the foreigner (ascendant) is not in Spain, the application is initiated by the descendant requesting her parent’s card
  • If the foreigner is staying in Spain, the parent herself could make the application as a relative of a cardholder under Law 14/2013


If you would like to bring your parents in an easy and comfortable way, let us help you. Our expert immigration lawyers will advise you on the best path forward for your particular situation, and will manage the entire application to ensure the success of the overall process.


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