Obtaining Spanish nationality is not an easy process. Sometimes, it may take longer than expected due to complications or not meeting the requirements. However, we recommend that you seek guidance from the best experts who can guide you and manage all kinds of procedures.

One of the requirements to be approved for Spanish nationality is passing two exams: the DELE Spanish diploma at level A2 or higher and the CCSE test. The Institute Cervantes is responsible for designing and supervising these exams.

If you want to know more about these two tests, keep reading this article because we will explain their characteristics in greater depth, as well as reveal other important details you need to know. Don’t miss anything if you want to pass them successfully!

The Spanish nationality exams


Both the DELE and the CCSE exams were created by the Instituto Cervantes

The DELE exam evaluates your level in the Spanish language. How well you can understand, read, write, and express yourself in Castellaño. 

The CCSE exam evaluates knowledge of the Constitution and the social and cultural reality of Spain through various questions. 


CCSE Test: Considerations to keep in mind


The CCSE test is held in ten annual sessions, with two schedules for each, and is conducted in over 200 CCSE examination centers recognized by the same organization.

In this test, you will encounter different questions related to the Constitution, culture, and history of Spain, as well as other aspects that shape Spain’s identity. Besides knowing the topics covered in this test, it’s essential to consider the following aspects:

  • This test consists of 25 questions primarily focusing on two categories: firstly, knowledge of the Spanish Constitution, and secondly, the culture and social reality of Spain
  • Its structure is divided into two sections: 15 questions cover topics related to government, legislation, and citizen participation in Spain. Another 10 questions encompass subjects such as culture, history, and Spanish society
  • This exam is valid for applications for Spanish nationality for Sephardic Jews and for foreigners residing in Spain. Its validity is for 4 years from the date of approval
  • To take this test, you need to register online through the Instituto Cervantes, pay the fees, and log in with your name and user ID
  • If you wish to register for the CCSE test, you should know that it has a cost: €85
  • The exam is not graded; it can be either PASS or FAIL. To be considered passed, you need to answer at least 15 questions correctly out of the 25 in the test. However, if a person fails, they can take the test a second time at no additional cost. In this case, they should indicate “second opportunity”


Are there exemptions to taking the CCSE Exam? 


Yes, there are exemptions to taking the CCSE exam. If you attended ESO or Bachillerato in Spain, you do not need to take the CCSE exam. 

Individuals who did not have proper education, are illiterate, or cannot read or write because of old age are partially exempted. Instead of totally skipping the exams, they might be permitted to take them orally or in a format that matches their skills.

Individuals with special needs or disabilities that influence their ability to take tests might also get some leeway. They might get oral tests, have extra time, or have someone to help them out during exams. 

However, at the end of the day, this all depends on what the Ministry of Justice thinks about each case. They’re not set in stone.

To read more about all valid reasons for being exempted from the nationality exams, head over to this article. 

If you pass the CCSE exam, it is valid for 4 years. 


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DELE Exam: What is it like? 


The DELE exam is the Spanish language exam. It changes depending on which level you are applying for. In the case of nationality, you need to pass the DELE A2 exam. This assessment verifies your ability to understand and effectively communicate in Spanish.

It costs €130 to take the DELE A2 exam. Unlike the CCSE, if you fail the DELE, you do not have a second try. To retake it, you will have to pay again. 

The DELE consists of 4 distinct sections. Each section has a total of 25 points. 

The first section is a reading comprehension segment lasting 60 minutes. Second, a listening comprehension section lasting 40 minutes. 

Third, the written expression part, featuring two tasks with a total duration of 45 minutes. 

Lastly, the oral expression test, which includes three tasks. The first is a monologue, the second is a description, and the third is an actual conversation with an examiner. 


Are there exemptions to taking the DELE exam? 


Yes, there are exemptions to taking the DELE exam. If the official language of the country you are from is Spanish, you will not need to take the DELE A2 exam. 

If you pass the DELE A2 exam, it is valid forever


An essential exam to obtain Spanish nationality


More and more foreigners are seeking Spanish nationality, especially those coming from countries experiencing poverty or armed conflict. The reasons for their migration can be diverse.

Seeking refuge in Spain may be their best option, and obtaining residency is another goal. They can achieve this objective through various avenues: citizenship by residency, citizenship by marriage, citizenship by descent, and citizenship by option.

If you find yourself in the same situation and wish to apply for Spanish nationality, besides having to take this exam, you must initiate a processing procedure and fulfill a series of requirements to obtain it.

Trust our team of lawyers to help you obtain Spanish nationality, and let us guide you through the entire process.


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