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    Are you planning to retire and start your new life in Spain? Then the non-lucrative visa is for you. This residence permit is the perfect fit for those who would like to stay in the country without conductin any kind of economical activity. Hence its easiness of attainment. We will guide you through an easy application procedure that will lead to a permit valid for 1 year with the possibility of renewal for 2 and 2 consecutive years. Then you will be able to apply for the permament residency

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    Main Requirements

    • HAVING SUFFICIENT ECONOMIC FUNDS. This is the main and most important requirement. You will need to demonstrate the possession of over 30.000€ in a bank account in order to accredit that you can sustain yourself in the country. 
    • PRIVATE HEALTH CONTRACT. You must possess a private health insurance with an Spanish company. Make sure that the contract does not contain any copayments and it offers full coverage within the whole Spanish terrirory. 
    • SUBMIT THE RIGHT DOCUMENTS. You will need to submit a copy of your passport, copy of your birth certificate (you must be over 18 years old) and demonstrate clear criminal background records.  

    Main Benefits of the Retirement Visa 

    • BRING YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS: With the non-lucrative residency you can easily bring your relatives through the joint application that this permit offers.
    • WORK REMOTELY FROM SPAIN. Even though the retirement visa does not allow you to work in Spain, you can have your clients abroad, working remotely inside the country
    • EASY APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Just make sure to meet the main requirements and this visa will be yours easily. 

    Can Brits still retire to Spain after Brexit?

    Yes, even though now it must be done through the non-lucrative visa. Before the UK exiting the EU, British citizens could easily retire to Spain by requesting the EU registration certificate. Nevertheless, now they need to go through the non-lucrative residency application procedure, which is a bit longer and has extra requirements, but is still one of the easiest paths to residency in Spain. And this is the residence permit that we will help you obtain; a residence permit for 1 year that can be then renewed every 2.

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    With all the confusion on immigration rules post Brexit, Balcells Group will provide you with straight legal answers. Don’t rely on YouTube videos alone, Pay for proper counsel and get the right answer before you move to Spain. It will pay for itself in one call. Thanks Cristian!
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