If you are in the process of obtaining your residency card or renewing it, you will find this article really useful. Because there is an administrative payment that you must make, and in this article we explain how. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the fee 790/012 (fingerprinting fee): how much and when to pay it, and exactly how to do it step by step.

What is 790/012 fee?


The tax model 790/012 is the fee that you must pay to the administration in order to complete the process of obtaining residency in Spain (including your card renewal).

As you already know, obtaining your residence permit consists of different phases.

Once you have submitted your application and the immigration office has accepted your file, the last step in the process is to go to the national police to get your residence card issued (TIE).

At this point, together with your passport, passport photos, and form EX-17, you will have to pay this 790/012 fee in order to complete the process.

You will then have to register your fingerprints (whether you are applying for your initial card or for a renewal); and that is why this fee is also known as the fingerprint fee.


When do I have to pay the fingerprint fee?


As we have already mentioned, you will have to pay this fee once you go to the national police office (by appointment) to get your TIE or physical residence card after having received a favorable resolution in your immigration case.

Thus, more specifically, the payment of the TIE fee is required for:

How much does the fee model 790 cost?


Before giving you an exact amount, bear in mind that the amount of this fee is updated every year (always into a higher one); so you should take the figures we will now see as a reference.

In addition, the price changes according to the type of residence permit you are applying for:

  • Initial residence authorization: 16,08€
  • Renewal of temporary residence authorization: 19,30€
  • Long term or EU long term residence: 21,87€
  • EU family member card or EU registration certificate: 12,00€

You can access here to a complete list of the fees for each of the immigration procedures


How can I pay fee 790/012?


Below we detail the process to pay this fee effectively.

The first thing you should do is to fill out and download the form from the National Police website (link in the following section).

As you fill in the form you will see that the price of the fee is updated.

Once completed and downloaded (note that you will get 3 sheets: one for the administration, one for you, and one for the bank), you can take it to any bank to make the payment.

In most banks, you will be able to make the payment directly at an ATM, either by scanning the barcode or by entering the code that will appear on the form.

It is essential that you keep the receipt and present it on the day of your appointment with your TIE application.

Thus, there is no option to pay this fee online.


Direct download link for the TIE fee


As mentioned above, you must access the online form, complete it and download it in order to pay the fee at the bank:

Download here the tax form 790/012

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