There are several ways to obtain the Spanish passport. Depending on your concrete situation (nationality, years lived in Spain, etc.), some of them will be more advisable than others. But there is a special situation that we must take into consideration. If you are a Sephardic Jew with Spanish origins or a descendant of one, then the Spanish nationality can be easily obtained. Would you like to learn how? In this post we will explain which are all the requirements to obtain the Sephardic Jew Citizenship in Spain. Get ready!


The validity of the Sephardic Citizenship Law


With the intention to amend the actions carried out by Spain in 1492 that expelled Jews from the Iberian Peninsula, the Spanish Government approved on June of 2015 an act that granted the Spanish citizenship to the descendants of those who were kicked out.

That law, which was set to last until October of 2018, was recently extended until October of 2019.


NEW DEADLINE AND EXTENSION: How to make it on time without all the documents


Nevertheless, a new note was emitted by the Spanish Government, which will really benefit you. 

Provided that the applicant, the Sephardic Jew, starts the application procedure and opens the case before the 1st of October (2019), good news!

He or she will be able to take both exams (DELE A2 and CCSSE) after that period, and the application would still be valid. 

This means that, if you did not have a chance to take both exams at the Instituto Cervantes because there were no available spots, that won’t be a problem.

If that is the only reason, you will be able to start the application process before October and take the exams afterwards. You should then include a proof of the registration for your exams, and that’s it. 

Furthermore, if you are also missing the origin certificate from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, you also have green light. In this specific case you should include a document that demonstrates how that document is being processed, which you can download here.

Therefore, if you fulfill the necessary conditions to apply for the Sephardic Spanish passport, you must hurry up and avoid missing this bus! You must open your case before the end of September if you would like to get your Spanish Passport effectively.


The 3 Requirements for obtaining the Spanish Sephardic Passport


There are two MAIN steps that you must satisfy in order to obtain the Spanish nationality, plus some additional requirements:




First of all, the applicant needs to demonstrate that there is actually a bond with the Spanish community. The proof of the Sephardic status will be confirmed through the contribution of the following certifications (you don’t need to get them all):

  • Certification from the President of the Jewish community from the birth or the residential area.
  • Certification provided by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain.
  • Certification from the Rabbinic authority, a document which must be legally recognized in the residence country.

Regarding the first and the third points, the applicant can include a certification from the President of the Permanent Commission of the Jewish Community Federation in Spain that demonstrates the authority of the Rabbinic authority or the President of the Jewish Community.

How do you demonstrate the suitability of those documents? The applicant must also contribute with:

  1. A copy of the original bylaws of the foreigner religious organization.
  2. Certification from the foreigner authority containing the names of those that have been designed legal representatives.
  3. Certification that demonstrates that the foreign authority is legally recognized in the country of origin.
  4. Certification emitted by the legal representative of the corresponding entity demonstrating that the Rabbi is in an operative status and currently complying with the established requirements set on the statutes.
  5. Ladino o “haketia” proof of use.
  6. Birth or marriage certificate, called “ketubah”, demonstrating the celebration in the Spanish tradition.
  7. A report that credits the belonging of the applicant surnames into the Sephardic lineage of Spanish origins.
  8. Any other circumstance or condition that demonstrates clearly the Sephardic Jew condition of Spanish origin.




Here, you will need to prove sufficient links to Spain. How to demonstrate your Sephardic ancestry? Well, you can do that by using different probatory means, and again, the regulation lets you choose between:

  1. A certification (that must be emitted by a private institution or by a competent agent) of the culture and history of Spain.
  2. Knowledge test of the ladino or “haketía” language
  3. Proof of the belonging from the applicant in the protected Sephardic families of Spain, or of the direct ancestry of any Spanish citizen.
  4. Fulfillment of charitable, cultural or economic activities that go in favor of Spanish institutions or citizens. All those contributions to activities that have the aim to spread and preserve the Sephardic culture will also be sufficient.
  5. Any other circumstance that can demonstrate a clear belonging to Spain.


Would you find the best proof that enables you to link your link with Spain but don’t know how? Let us help you! You just need to contact us HERE. Our team of immigration lawyers will be glad to help.




Personal information


We need to identify you: therefore a copy of your passport is the first thing you need to get. Also, the applicant must present a birth certificate, which must be legalized (apostilled) and translated into Spanish.

As with all the other evidentiary documentation, all the foreign documents to be presented must be translated by an official translator process called translating for legal equivalence.

Any other document that attests to your identity will be valid.


Exams to get Sephardic Citizenship in Spain


  • The first exam you will need to pass, in order to demonstrate your basic knowledge of Spanish, is the DELE. Getting an A2 or plus level is required in order to grant the passport. But, wait a moment! All the native Spanish speaking countries are exempt from taking this exam.
  • CCSE exam. This is the exam that lets you prove your knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the cultural and social reality in the country.

All of these exams will be evaluated by the Cervantes Institute.

Do you have doubts regarding any of the requirements needed to get the Sephardic Jew Spanish Citizenship? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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