We have reached a point in which we have helped many of our clients with their irregular situation as immigrants in Spain, getting their residence permit in order for them to be able to legally work and live in the country. One of the easiest ways to achieve this regular situation, if you have been living in the Spanish territory for a while, is the arraigo social. In this post, we will answer the 12 most frequent questions that our clients make us regarding the regularization in Spain. Are you ready to clear your mind up?


What is the arraigo social?


The arraigo social is a residence and work permit design specifically for those individuals that have been living a minimum of 3 years in Spain, and that are living in an irregular situation.


Which are the main requirements to get the arraigo social in Spain?


The main requirements for you to be able to apply for the arraigo social will vary depending on the autonomous community you are residing in. If you are living in Catalonia, those will be:

  • Finishing a Catalan course of 45 hours of duration
  • Getting a favorable report from the Catalan Administration (Generalitat de Cataluña)
  • Lack of criminal records
  • Possessing a work contract with a minimum duration of 1 year


How can I apply for the Spanish residency through the arraigo social?


Due to the manifoldness of documents and procedures necessary to get the arraigo social during this 2018, we would highly recommend you to trust a group of lawyers specialized on immigration in order to let them manage all the paperwork for you.

This will not only save you time and money but also will provide you with clear guidance in each step of the way regarding what exactly you need to do next in order to solve your irregular situation as an immigrant.

We have been helping individuals like you through many years in Balcells Group get their residence permit, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to obtain your arraigo social as fast as possible.



How long is the process of the arraigo social?


Usually, the whole arraigo social procedure lasts between 3 and 4 months, since we start with the paperwork until you get your residence permit to live and work legally in Spain.



How does the arraigo social for freelancers or self-employed work?


There is no such thing as the arraigo social for self-employed individuals. In order to establish yourself legally as a freelancer in Spain, you cannot be in an irregular situation. This is why once you have obtained your permit through the arraigo social, you will then be able to jump into realizing economical activities under the situation called “por cuenta propia”.


How to get an appointment for the arraigo social in Catalonia?


In order to get an appointment for the arraigo social in Catalonia, you can use the in-line system called 1/10/2018, which will enable you to request an appointment online, once you have all the required documents.



Which are the requirements necessary to renew the arraigo social permit?


You cannot renew the residence permit achieved through the arraigo social. The Government will provide you with a permit for 1 year, and after that period, you can modify it and jump to “cuenta ajena” or “cuenta propia”.

How much does the arraigo social procedure cost?


At Balcells Group we manage the whole arraigo social procedure for you for just 500€ + VAT, accompanying you step by step and eliminating any tedious paperwork action required. You would just need to sign!



How can I check the results of my arraigo social application?


You can get to know if your arraigo social application was approved through electronic notification. In the case that you rely on our lawyer team to handle all the procedure, we will make sure that we call you right afterward your application has been approved.



Where do I solicit the arraigo social for immigrants in Spain?


The arraigo social application must be sent out to the foreigner’s office located in the province you are living in.



How much time do I need to be in Spain in order to get the arraigo social approved?


If you want to get your residence permit through the arraigo social in the Spanish territory, you will need to reside in the country for a minimum of 3 years.



What do they ask in the interview for the arraigo social procedure?


Basically, during the interview for the arraigo social application, you will be asked questions like what are you doing in the country, how much time have you been living in the territory, if you have any relatives here, etc. Their main purpose is to make sure that you understand Spanish and Catalan (provided that you live in Catalonia).



This has been the 12 most frequent questions our clients make us regarding the arraigo social. Nevertheless, we want to solve all your doubts.

Do you still have any question regarding the regularization in Spain? Then do not hesitate to leave them on the comment section down below, we will answer them carefully!

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