Study permits pose an inconvenience: their limited duration. In this article, we will explain 5 options to modify this authorization into a residency permit that allows you to stay in Spain for the long run, and start accumulating years for Spanish nationality.

Hence, if you would like to know how to modify your study visa to residency in Spain effortlessly, keep reading!

How to modify the study permit to a residence permit


There are multiple ways to modify the study permit to a residence permit. In this article we will list 5 common options for you to be able to eventually legally live and work in Spain, after completing your studies. 

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Modifying the Study Stay to Residency and Work


The most direct option to transform the study stay permit into a residency and work permit is by submitting a job offer with a minimum duration of one year, guaranteeing a salary equal to or higher than the minimum wage in Spain, set at €1,134 per month for full-time employment.

However, if there is no job offer that meets these requirements, the applicant still has the possibility to provide contracts, as long as they total at least 30 hours per week and are all classified in the same job category, reaching the aforementioned minimum wage together.

And as a last resort, those with their own entrepreneurial project can also opt to request the modification to a self-employment residency and work permit.

You can read more about the Spanish work permit here. 


Residence Permit for Job Search


Another alternative to replace the study stay permit involves applying for a residence permit for job search, either before the expiration of the study NIE or during the 90 days following its expiration date. 

The residence authorization for job search, after completing higher education studies, has a maximum validity of 24 months, and if the application is not resolved within 20 days, it is considered granted.

This period is provided to enable you to secure a job opportunity in Spain or establish your own business.

It’s crucial that your university is included in this roster. Essentially, this indicates that it’s officially acknowledged by the government, allowing you to seek an extension for this visa.


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Residence Permit for Internship


Upon finishing your studies, you can also get a residence permit to intern in Spain

This permit is secured by signing an internship contract with a company or through an internship agreement facilitated by the academic institution where you completed your studies.

Consequently, the duration of this residency aligns with the length of the internship contract or agreement.


Contract as Highly Qualified Worker


Another possibility for individuals who have completed higher education or possess a high level of professional specialization is to secure a contract as a Highly Qualified Professional (PAC). This type of contract entails a special status characterized by the following:

  • It is an authorization granted for the duration of the contract, but if the contract is indefinite, the authorization will be granted for a period of three years
  • The evaluation of the applicant as a highly qualified worker will be based on academic background, demonstrable experiences, job description and the offered salary

In the event of terminating the employment relationship, the applicant must promptly apply for a new PAC residence. This requirement also applies to those who access residence as family members of a PAC.

You can read more about the highly qualified professional work permit here


Familial ties with a Spanish citizen


An additional alternative, if one has a civil partner, spouse, first-degree ascendant, or first-degree descendant, who is a Spanish national, is to consider applying for residency as a family member of a European citizen

Depending on the relation, requirements vary, however, the main thing is to prove the familial link and financial dependence on the Spanish citizen. 

For civil partners or spouses, depending on the situation, it is necessary to meet certain conditions such as living together in Spain for one year with the Spanish citizen, being registered in the same residence, getting married, or registering the union as a domestic partnership.

The family member of an EU citizen card lasts for five years. 


What is Pareja de Hecho?


Civil partnership (pareja de hecho) and the family member of an EU citizen visa are not the same thing. However, they can be mistakenly perceived as the same process. 

This is because being in a civil partnership can serve as a way to get the residence permit. 

The family member of an EU citizen procedure requires that you already have a familial tie to an EU citizen at the time of application. Hence, many couples formalize their relationship as a pareja de hecho to grant the non-EU partner the eligibility to pursue this procedure.

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