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    Get expert tax assistance with all your personal tax declarations so you don’t miss any deadline! From properly finding your income tax return (IRPF) to model 720 and other required models.

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    Tax Refunds

    Have you been charged extra for incomes or assets you had abroad? Our team will study all possible double treaty conventions between and help you avoid paying extra.

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    In case you hold assets or make a profit after selling them, we will help you optimize your taxes and help you prepare all related documents and declarations.

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    Beckham Law

    Benefit from the special tax regime for expatriates and pay a flat fee of 24% on your income (instead of 48%) and start being regarded as a non-resident (with all its benefits). 


    • BECKHAM LAW, if you would like to enjoy a tax reduction as a non-resident.
    • MONTHLY ACCOUNTING for both companies and individuals
    • BUSINESS TAXES when setting up a company in Spain
    • REAL ESTATE TAXES involved with purchasing/selling a property
    • PLANNING AND PRESENTATION of all the documents to the AEAT

    Balcells Group tax lawyers provide accounting and tax advice services for both companies and individuals on their tax declarations, optimisation & planning, and presentation of documents at the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency). Whether you are a Spanish resident or not, we will provide assistance for dealing and applying with the all the taxes you can encounter in Spain. 

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    Our tax lawyer team will help you with your business or individual taxes, and manage your monthly accounting. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about taxes in Spain 

    What does it mean to be a tax resident in Spain and what is the difference with being a non-resident?

    In order to understand which are the taxes you will end up paying, this is the first question you must answer. Are you a tax resident or not?

    Finding the answer is simple: if you spend more than 183 days per year in Spain, you will be regarded as a tax resident. And the consequences are many; as both the taxes and the percentages to be paid will vary. 

    For example, individuals who are not considered as tax residents must pay non-resident tax, something that residents don’t. Other differences arise in regards to the liabilities. In that sense, when it comes to the income tax, for example, tax residents must pay for their worldwide income; whereas non-residents justs for the income they receive in Spain. 


    Which are the taxes paid in Spain by a company? 

    Basically, there are three taxes that any company must pay. 

    • First of all, we find the corporate tax (impuesto de sociedades). It is a flat rate equal to 25% applied to the profit the business made. 
    • The property transfer tax. a progressive tax, is applied to the different operations that take place during the life of a given company, like a merger or an acquisition. 
    • Finally, the VAT. Any company that sells goods or services is obliged to pay 21% from the selling price, something that is charged to the client but then collected and returned to the tax authorities in Spain. 


    Which taxes should I pay in Spain as an expat?

    If you are considered a tax resident in Spain, there are 4 main taxes you will need to pay as an individual:

    The income tax or IRPF. This tax is applied to any income you obtain worldwide. It is a progressive tax which exact percentage depends on each Autonomous Community. It can start from around 19% and reach up to 48%, depending on the exact amount of your earnings. 

    If you own a property which value is higher than 700.000€, you will need to pay between 0,2% to 2,5% in regards to the wealth tax

    If you obtain a gain from the sale of a property any other asset like shares of a company, you will need to pay for the capital gains tax

    Finally, the inheritance tax, which is applied whenever you inherit any given asset. 


    How does the Spanish tax year work? When does it start and when does it end?

    This is something that won’t cause you any headache: the Spanish tax year coincides with the calendar year. This means that it starts on January the 1st and finished on the 31st of December. 

    As for the income tax return, you should file it during May and June for the previous year. 


    Do I need to file an income tax return?

    As you may know, the income tax requires you to file on a yearly basis a declaration in which you state the income you have obtained throughout the year.

    But should you really file the return? The answer is it depends. If you are a tax resident and earn more than 22.000€ per year, yes, you should. Tax residents don’t have this legal obligation. 


    What is the Beckham law? How can I benefit from it?

    The Beckham Law is a special tax regime that allows resident taxpayers in Spain to be taxed at a much lower rate, acquiring a non-resident status.

    Instead of paying progressive taxes for your income that can reach up to 48%, you will just be taxed at a flat rate of 24% for the first 600.00€ of income.


    Do you have any specific doubt about your situation? Then stop waiting! Our specialized tax advisors and lawyers are ready to help you out and solve your doubts, FAST!



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